Servicios OfilicitOFILICIT s.l. is a company highly qualified for the elaboration of technical proposals related to the construction of building works and civil infrastructures, whatever their dimension and technology, which places at the disposal of the client the capacity for interpretation and sensitivity associated with every tender and bidder, factors which contribute to the suitability and appreciation of the proposal presented.
The scope of our collaboration is the widest possible: works studies and planning, technical specifications, occupational safety and environmental documents, with the logical exception of those contributions which come under the direct competence of the bidder, as well as the final decision making as regards deadlines and other strategic aspects of the proposal.

OFILICIT s.l. has made a firm commitment to international tenders collaborating in tenders for projects in English, French, Portuguese and Rumanian. On a national level, apart from in Spanish, we collaborate in tenders for projects drawn up in co-official languages.

Servicios de Ofilicit