Ofilico Consultores

OFILICO CONSULTORES S.L. came into being over a decade ago, as a result of the then incipient tendency of
construction companies, promoters and liberal professionals in the fields of architecture and engineering, to outsource determined technical tasks. We mainly define ourselves as a support consultant which collaborates iin the formalisation, tender and follow-up of civil works and projects, which has evolved with the increasing acceptance of the demand for this type of services carried out in parallel with conventional engineering and consulting.

The scope of our services has evolved to enable us to consolidate our offer on an international scale, collaborating in bids presented in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Rumanian and other languages, thanks to a methodological strategy adapted to the demand.

At the same time, collaboration agreements have gradually been set up with leading companies established in other countries, allowing us to have a greater knowledge of the area, which gives an undeniable added value to our clients' offers.